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Thougts on open source, Toronto CA
Mailing list for cultures and politics,
Open Source Theories,
Stuff that matters,


Independent Media Center, Sweetzaland
:Not Bored!
Situationist-inspired, anarchist journal, Nu-Iork US
Connecting Art & Activism,

Internet radio,
:Cafe Mokka
Best music club, Toon CH
:Matthew Herbert
Freshest music on planet earth, London UK
:Quiet Records
Good dub for yer ears, Zee CH
Huge, free & reviewed MP3 site,


Existencilism, London UK
:Pictures of Walls
World wide walls,
Artist portal,
International Media Art Festival, Berlin DE
:Wooster Collective
Got your daily streetart?, Nu-Iork US


Origin of free software,
Coffe with Milk, www.sun
Open Source Development,
Da Consortium,