Dérives in Code by Pascal Zumkehr


:BitRip Without all the clutter. A free and open screen scraping web application.
:Stwiky Stwiky is a simple site where you may keep all the small things you need to remember in your everyday life.
:dry_crud Generates DRY and specifically extendable CRUD controller, views and helpers for Rails applications.
:wagons Extensions to your application train running on Rails. The plugin framework for your Rails application.
:protective A small gem that protects your active records from being destroyed.
:ChangeBoxes Modeling Change as a First Class Entity - My Master Thesis.
:Proloku Sudokus solved in < 50 LOC.


:Derives Getting lost on purpose. Images of city expeditions.
:Playground Fooling around in HTML. Nothing more.


:Aaresurf Hang Loose und so. Die Bilder der Surfer vom Altenberg. Design Geneva 2003. (Former) website of the studio community.


:Github It's the codez.
:Flickr Pictures of land- and cityscapes.
:Xing Networking Profile. - can't fake freedom